Info Liberia Home 2

The Liberia Home 2 is only for sale with the entire Residential Property.

 It includes a second large Country Home,  2 staff houses, Pool and Rancho,

and 25 ha Land (61.7 Acres)

Liberia Home 2

Large Country Home Liberia 2 living room area

Additional Information Liberia Home 2

The front of this country-style Liberia Home 2 sports an under roof entry, supported by 4.2 m (13.8 ft) tall columns, with parking spaces for six cars.

A secondary entrance leads to a large storage room for garden equipment.

Through the main entrance portal from which branches off an office space, one enters the impressive living area, which is characterized by its enormous, up to 7,35 m (24.1 ft) high ceiling.

There is plenty of room for multiple table groups for larger events. The kitchen is equipped with modern, built-in furniture. It offers plenty of work space to host large gatherings.

Behind the kitchen is an utility room and a storage room. The four large guest rooms are all equipped with modern bathrooms and walk-in closets.

On the south and west sides of the house are two covered terraces. They can be reached through the large wood-and-glass doors of the main hall and provide a magnificent view of the house site and the entire farm. The terraces have sufficient space for several groups of tables.

There is a space which would make a great winter garden.

On the second floor there is a high gallery, which can be reached by a stylish wooden staircase. There are also some provisions for possible expansion. The house has a partial basement, where the hot water supply of the house is located.

Data from Liberia Home 2

Total living area are a comfortable 709 m² (7,631 sq ft). 

The living and dining areas combined are 246 m² (2,648 sq ft). 

There are 4 guest rooms with showers, toilets and walk-in closets 36 m² – 45 m² (each 387.5 to 484 sq ft) and 1 office space of 16 m² (172 sq ft). 

A high wooden staircase 63 m² (687 sq ft) leads to the gallery. Two rooms on the 1st floor are in preparation for an expansion 126 m² (1356 sq ft).

 For convenience there is also one guest toilet of 2 m² (21.5 sq ft.). 

The main floor kitchen of 26 m² (280 sq ft) has a utility room of 14 m² (150.6 sq ft) 

and a pantry 8 m² (86 sq ft).

There is a conservatory of 15 m² (161.5 sq ft) .

For outside living there are 3 covered terraces 80 m² (861 sq ft) and 6 parking spaces 104 m² (1119.5 sq ft) protect your vehicles.

A storage area of 19 m² (204.5 sq ft) and the basement of 46 m² (495 sq ft) finish off this expansive home.