Extra Infrastructure

Existing Infrastructure

Infrastructure includes:

In the Liberia Residential Property

• Three approved 80 m (262 ft) deep wells provide enough water for an additional  20-25 villas, or 1 hotel, or several condos.

• 1 water tower with two 4,100 l (1081 gal) water tanks, automatic pump system with electronic controls and water pressure equipment

Residential Property Liberia Guanacaste Real Estate guard house

• Electricity and Internet, Secure area with 24 hrs guarded gate, Solar panel water heater in Country Home 1, installed on the roof. 

The center of the infrastructure is housed in a separate building near the staff homes. It contains all the electric supplies, electric connections, and equipment. The transformer is installed outside the building.

There are two staff houses built and furnished in the style typical of the country. Each offers enough space for a family. The windows and the two access doors provide plenty of light and ventilation and a pleasant temperature inside the houses. Both houses have a small covered terrace and parking for vehicles.